This is a test render I created for a short film I am making titled “Spoil Boy”. As you can see he is quite spoiled. At this point in the story he had just tried to gain friends by demonstrating his new rocket. As he set it in flight from his window high above the playground below a malfunction occurred and it crashed causing chaos. The children threw the rocket back knocking the boy back down his toys. With disgust he sulks on his toy box with his ruined toy. As the narration reads for this scene: “He didn’t care if they’d sway. He didn’t need them anyway. At least that’s what his mommy had said…” And the door bursts open with mommy handing Spoil Boy a brand new shiny rocket. Check out all the sweet 80s toys. There is lots of detail. Each frame took about an hour. I wanted to test how far I could push it being strictly 3d. The 3d elements (including dust) were made using Maya 2015 and Mentalray. Color adjusting and flares were done in After effects. All the toys are in 3d gathered from various free model sites. Enjoy! All modeling, lighting, texturing, compositing, etc was done by me. Music is "Leaving Spectre" by Danny Elfman